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Family-Owned-And-Operated Since 1939
Ayers Farm Family Market is a family-owned-and-operated business. We have supplied the residents of Huntsville with farm-fresh produce for over 30 years. We strive to give the freshest produce available. Some produce is picked on the very day of its sale.

In addition to our fresh produce, we carry a full line of canned fruits and jellies, custom fruit baskets, homemade pies, and much more!

Ayers Farm Family Market

2015 Memorial Parkway in Huntsville, AL
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We're Always In Season
As our farmers let their fields rest for a few months, the soil rejuvenates, as so do their hands. But, don't be fooled. Dig just below the surface, and you will find plenty of living organisms in a mere handful of dirt.

Winter is a time for reflective renewal. While humans are a part of the earth's cycle, it's often difficult for us to remember this beautiful season's gifts.

May this poem by Wendell Berry remind us to recharge:


How exactly good it is
to know myself
in the solitude of winter,

my body containing its own
warmth, divided from all
by the cold; and to go

separate and sure
among the trees cleanly
divided, thinking of you

perfect too in your solitude,
your life withdrawn into
your own keeping

to be clear, poised
in perfect self-suspension
toward you, as though frozen.

And having known fully the
goodness of that, it will be
good also to melt.
- by Wendell Berry

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Thanks a bunch for your loyal business,

Susan and the rest of the Ayers Farm Family